Judean Mountains

Baptismal site, River Jordan

Why you should travel with Graeme Lienert,
your expert Tour Leader for Holy Land Tours and
experiencing the history of our ANZACS

Graeme Lienert, leads Holy Land Tours across Israel and provides optional tour extensions to neighboring Jordan, Egypt, Greece and Turkey. Graeme leads group tours where you’ll experience the spiritual, historical and archaeological beauty of lands you’ve always seen on TV but never ventured to. Here’s your chance to visit the most captivating and soul fulfilling region on earth.

Graeme Lienert, the son of a Lutheran minister was trained as a Commander in Anti Terrorism and served over 40 years in the West Australian Police Force achieving the rank of Assistant Commissioner. He was awarded the Australian Police Medal for Distinguished Service. Since retiring in 2009, Graeme has made frequent journeys to Israel to pursue his interest in the history, architecture and spirituality of this fascinating country. As a member of the International Police Association, Graeme visited the Holy Land region and established relationships with many local security operators. This relationship has strengthened with his continued visits personally and whilst accompanying tour groups who have the need to visit areas that are considered non mainstream tour locations. Participants are amazed and thankful they were with a person of such standing and local knowledge. Graeme has added skills in public policy, management, overseas delegation, cross cultural relations and media interaction. Your experience will be highlighted by the knowledge that your safety will be the last thing on your mind whilst travelling with Graeme.

Join Graeme on one of his forthcoming visits to The Holy Land.

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